RiskPartner offers a wide range of courses that provide the knowledge necessary to fully utilize your RiskPartner software solution. RiskPartner Professional Consultants and Trainers understand how RiskPartner has been implemented for your organization. This information allows them to customize the training to your specific needs based on your personnel’s understanding of the solution and their level of knowledge.

Training can cover RiskPartner’s core solutions and/or the modules/interfaces necessary to make the RiskPartner solution most effective for your organization. These courses are offered remotely, at your site, or at the RiskPartner Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Basic Training

Basic Training is conducted remotely, at your site, or at the RiskPartner Training Center after the essential data for basic operations has been entered into the system. The trainer will effectively prepare your personnel on how to enter data, process the data, and other tasks determined in consultation with your organization. Some topics are considered foundational and are not optional; however, others may be covered to a greater or lesser extent depending on your organization’s needs or desires. In order for the learning environment to be optimized, there is a limit of 10 individuals in a session at any one time.

Advanced Training

RiskPartner Advanced Training may be conducted remotely, at your site, or on an exclusive basis at the RiskPartner Training Center. The curriculum followed by RiskPartner Trainers will be determined and customized based on consultation with your organization. Selections of the training modules will be based on the features and functionality you desire most.

For more detailed information about RiskPartner training please contact us by e-mail at info@riskpartner.com or phone RiskPartner at 918.513.9200 or toll-free at 877.862.4932.

RiskPartner Training Center

The RiskPartner Training Center is located at RiskPartner’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The facility is designed for small groups of up to eight. The smaller group provides the RiskPartner Trainer or Consultant with the ability to provide a group, or an individual, the special attention they may need. Training at the RiskPartner Training Center allows your group to be totally focused on learning the system and how it can be most effectively utilized by your organization – away from the phones and away from the daily demands being placed on them.