Basic Implementation

The RiskPartner Consultant will work with the implementation team to assure them that there is a clear understanding related to the RiskPartner solution and that the appropriate decisions and strategies are developed to allow for the solution to be set up and implemented in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Before beginning this process, the RiskPartner Consultant will have a kick-off meeting to introduce you to the RiskPartner solution, the implementation process, as well as define your goals and timelines. The objective is to make certain that, by the end of the session, your organization is well on its way to getting RiskPartner set up and operational.

Administrator Planning (Implementation Strategies)

This advanced offering provides the newly appointed RiskPartner Administrator or Project Manager with a clear understanding of the RiskPartner solution and its functions. More importantly, it provides your team leader with a clear understanding of the processes involved in identifying, selecting, and managing an implementation team to assist in a smooth transition and conversion to your RiskPartner solution.

This training is recommended for the one or two individuals who will be the RiskPartner solution System Administrators or implementation Project Managers for your organization. The training session can be provided remotely, at your site, or at the RiskPartner Training Center. The RiskPartner Training Center is encouraged so that these individuals can be totally focused on understanding the implementation process, away from the day-to-day distractions that often interfere with the learning process.