RiskPartner’s core solution provides a comprehensive platform for managing exposure, policy, and claims data in an efficient manner allowing you to have accurate information and provide data effectively to your organization’s stakeholders.  Through the aggregation of these data sets, insurance and risk professionals have the perfect platform for making fully informed decisions based on clear, accurate, and timely information.

The RiskPartner RMIS Core Solution provides the ability to manage:

Exposure Data

Have the ability to easily track and update all exposure types throughout your organization including: Property, Equipment, Fine Art, Furniture, Fleet, and Personnel.  Easily track, report and even map your exposure subtotal and totals throughout your organization’s hierarch.  Utilize easy to configure dashboards and monitor your organization’s TIV while attaching documents, photos, videos, audio files and URLs to individual exposure items.

  • Property – View Locations, Buildings, and Areas and their values, COPE data. See related incidents and claims per property.
  • Equipment – Track model information, costs, values, warranty expirations, appraisals, disposal dates and more.
  • Fine Art – Track purchase cost, artist information, values (depreciated, insured, and replacement), appraisals, donors and more.
  • Furniture – Track model information, costs, values, tags, warranties and disposal dates
  • Fleet – Vehicles, Aircraft/Watercraft, and Drivers Schedules.  Track all relevant model, value, certification, location and Claim information per fleet item.
  • Personnel – Track employee information along with claims, payroll, and trainings.

Policy Data

Maintain policy, binder, endorsement, submission, and broker/carrier communications in one central repository.  The Linked Documents section allows you to upload and store any documents that are related to policies inside of RiskPartner with our Linked Document feature.  Utilize Policy tools to automate, speed up renewal and policy management activities throughout the year.

Claims Reporting & Analysis

Have the ability to analyze and report on claims data in a meaningful and powerful way by easily integrating data feeds from TPAs and/or carriers. RiskPartner’s core solution provides a comprehensive set of reports and monitoring tools (KPIs) that provide the critical metrics for operating and managing your organization with knowledge, insight, and confidence. Whether using reports or real-time information provided by RiskPartner’s Executive Dashboard, you will have the critical information necessary to make timely, data-driven decisions.