Simplify, track, and effectively manage your certificates of insurance and compliance program with a technologically advanced product that helps you determine whether your organization has properly transferred its risk.  RiskPartner’s Certificate of Insurance and Compliance Management is a cloud-based solution that is powerful and easy-to-use. This solution provides your organization with a centralized view of your incoming certificates of insurance, compliance, and risk reporting for vendors, suppliers, tenants, subcontractors, and franchisees.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and other documents with one central repository for certificates, requirements, vendors, and other relevant compliance documents.
  • Utilize RiskPartner’s advanced rules-based engine for easy, automated communications with your vendors, suppliers, tenants, subcontractors, and franchisees to quickly update them on non-compliance or expiration…saving you time.
  • Have real-time access to critical compliance data with RiskPartner’s dashboards, reports, and other reporting tools so you can better manage your Total Cost of Risk and keep people in your organization informed.