Risk Management Information Solution

RiskPartner’s RMIS solution provides insurance and risk professionals with the analytical tools necessary for making the informed decisions their organizations are demanding. Information that will lower their organization’s total cost of risk by driving short-term profitability and increasing long-term organizational value. Utilizing this powerful solution, organizations can instantaneously cross-examine risk and insurance information by consolidating data into a single, comprehensive database. This integrated data provides greater business intelligence – information that offers insight into areas such as total cost of risk, benchmarking, and risk profiles. With current, accurate, and reliable information, organizations have the ability to pro-actively manage risk and exposures utilizing a broad view of their data.

In the simplest terms, RiskPartner is a web-based RMIS that manages exposure, claims, and policy data by providing real-time information that offers a true picture of risk and exposure. This is the data necessary for generating the savings your organization demands related to your total cost of risk.

RiskPartner’s RMIS has a variety of features that provide organizations with the ability to efficiently and effectively manage their risk and insurance information on an enterprise-wide basis. These features include:

  • Ability to maintain accurate and reliable data
  • Standardization and automation of workflow processes
  • Single database for consolidating all risk and insurance information into one central repository
  • Critical information is easily managed for analysis and appropriate action
  • Simplified portal for data collection
  • Ability to load data in multiple formats
  • Personalized dashboards that provide real-time information relevant to the user
  • On-demand reporting
  • Automatic scheduling and distribution of reports
  • Ability to interface with third party systems
  • Advanced security
  • Comprehensive help and tutorials
  • Hosted data with full back-up (Software as a Service)


RiskPartner’s base product provides a comprehensive solution for managing exposure data, policy information, and claims data. Through the aggregation of these data sets, insurance and risk professionals have the perfect platform for making fully informed decisions based on clear, accurate, and timely information. The base product provides the ability to manage:

Have the ability to easily track all exposure types: Property, Equipment, Fine Art, Furniture, Fleet, and Personnel.

Maintain policy, binder, endorsement, submission, and broker/carrier communications in one central repository.

Have the ability to analyze and report on claims data in a meaningful and powerful way by easily integrating data feeds from TPAs and/or carriers.