Reports & Monitoring Tools (KPIs)

The need to operate and manage an organization with knowledge, insight, and confidence has never been greater. With any software solution, organizations invest time and energy in accumulating accurate and relevant data. The result of this investment is the ability to make informed decisions based on clear and accurate information.

RiskPartner prides itself on providing the analytical tools in the form of reports, graphs, and monitoring tools that will assist your organization in making informed decisions. These tools allow better utilization of your valuable time for analysis and strategic planning. Consider how much further you could take your organization if you spent only a fraction of your time collecting and formatting data.


Reports, Graphs, and Charts

RiskPartner provides a comprehensive set of reports that provides you with the critical metrics for operating and managing your organization with knowledge, insight, and confidence. RiskPartner’s Report Manager and Report Writer can easily generate reports on screen, send them to a printer, email them, download them as Microsoft Excel files, or save them in formats such as HTML, images, and PDF. The RiskPartner Report Manager provides more than 250 pre-formatted reports that are ready to run right out of the box. Additionally, you can create reports for your organization’s specific needs or to meet mandatory requirements for various agencies by easily copying and modifying the pre-formatted reports provided in the Report Manager.


Executive DashBoards (KPIs)

RiskPartner’s Executive Dashboard is a dynamic tool that furnishes decision makers with real-time access to the critical information necessary to make timely, data-driven decisions. Easily see the data that is important to you and your role within the organization. These configurable screens display numerous Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in various formats including tables, charts, graphs, and digital gauges.

These dashboards have been built by RiskPartner (based on specific roles within the organization), or you can start from scratch and create fully personalized dashboards. Access to this real-time data will provide the knowledge, insight, and confidence necessary to make better, more informed decisions related to your risk and insurance program. And, with built-in automatic alarms, users will be kept fully informed when items move outside their thresholds – providing the opportunity to take immediate action.

Features and benefits include:

  • Reflect the true state of operations in real time
  • Deliver actionable information to individuals who can most effectively impact change, facilitating critical analysis and data-driven decision making
  • Display relevant information based on the user’s role in the organization
  • Provide information to users so they have the ability to quickly respond to opportunities as well as identify and mitigate potential problems
  • Set goals around metrics and align personnel with your organization’s strategic goals
  • Empower end-users by providing them with the ability to easily create KPI displays
  • Access data across multiple business units/departments within your organization
  • Achieve easy adoption among managers and their teams with this intuitive tool
  • Measure self-improvement and perform self-assessments with KPIs
  • Visually monitor KPI status with color-coded displays
  • Utilize four different display formats: digital gauges, bar graphs, digital read-outs, and pie charts
  • Create user-defined thresholds for caution and alert ranges
  • Set user-defined targets for each KPI
  • Monitor status of KPIs in real time or as a scheduled update
  • Share or restrict access to KPIs with other users throughout your organization
  • Alert users with automatic email messages