Client Profile

Headquartered in beautiful Greeley, Colorado, JBS® USA processes, prepares, packages, and delivers fresh, further-processed, and value-added beef, pork, lamb, and poultry products for sale to customers in more than 105 countries on six continents. The company employs more than 78,000 team members and operates more than 100 facilities in the United States, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

RiskPartner’s Health and Safety Solution is accessed via the Internet from any Web browser. The system includes online help as well as an entire online manual. RiskPartner provides a variety of preformatted, ready-to-run reports that can be modified utilizing the built-in report writer. In addition, the built-in report writer provides users with the ability to create a variety of customized reports that meets JBS’s changing needs.

JBS desired to have one comprehensive solution that the entire organization could use for tracking work related incidents.  RiskPartner Health and Safety tracks the process from employee encounter to OSHA reporting — all in one central database.  The solution begins by interfacing with JBS’s SAP HR database and pulls all relevant employee demographic information into the system.  The interface runs on a daily basis as to allow for the delta in data to populate the database.  This allows a nurse to view proper demographic information while beginning the investigation of an employee encounter.  If the encounter is an injury or an illness, it automatically turns into a case.  All cases are forwarded to JBS’s TPA for processing.  An interface pushes and pulls information from the TPA to RiskPartner.  Additional functionality includes the following:  an interface with SAP Maintenance to notify Maintenance of an issue with equipment related to an encounter, iPad inspections that are triggered on equipment maintenance, daily inspections that are required per standard operating procedures of JBS, OSHA reports that are created, and schedules by plant management and organization reporting that can be queried and created for Health and Safety management needs and assessment.

The Project was successfully executed for every facet of the project. Prior to implementation, JBS used a different product.  RiskPartner entered a competitive bid with the incumbent UL and IBM.  JBS desired a true partner in the development of their Health and Safety program, not just a name with a rolodex. By employing the Health and Safety module, JBS can now generate OSHA reports on time as well as track encounters, incidents, and trends.

RiskPartner served as the single point of Project responsibility. RiskPartner, in collaboration with personnel from JBS, brought cross-disciplinary expertise from system design and management to the Project. RiskPartner helped refine goals and system objectives, developed effective assessment methodologies, prepared the database to hold the required data, collected the data, and worked with JBS personnel to facilitate the most efficient and effective use of the RiskPartner solution.

RiskPartner actively worked with JBS personnel during all facets of the Project to ensure the results were clearly understood and useful to the entire JBS organization. The effectiveness of the Project was closely linked to the knowledge base and practices of RiskPartner staff.

With RiskPartner’s expertise and collaborative approach, tremendous results have been gained using the new system.

Training JBS personnel was crucial in achieving maximum utilization of the RiskPartner solution. During this Project phase, RiskPartner staff trained JBS in a manner that improved workflow processes and provided timely and relevant information to JBS.

RiskPartner exceeded JBS’s needs and requirements. RiskPartner provided a world-class solution to a world-class state-of-the-art organization.