Client Profile

When the Chicago Housing Authority was in the market for a new property and casualty insurance broker in 2015, they were adamant that the broker include technology as part of the product offering.  RiskPartner was happy to engage with Arthur J. Gallagher in responding to the needs of CHA.

Previous attempts by CHA to utilize technology for the data collection and insurance renewal process for their 102 properties had become laborious and provided erroneous information.  Our experience with other large public sector schedule of values allowed CHA to enter into the project with a renewed sense of comfort as the RiskPartner team assured CHA of the ease of implementation and training.

As CHA had done this with previous vendors, they were proficient and quick with their accumulation of data needed to begin the project.  The RiskPartner Professional Service Team met with CHA, outlined goals, deliverables and timelines for a successful implementation.  Within 6 weeks of the project kick-off, the RiskPartner team was in Chicago training the CHA insurance team on all facets of the RiskPartner program.

The key business objectives for CHA are:

  1. Ease of use in communicating with property managers regarding schedules of values, maintenance inspections, and potential incidents/claims from tenants.
  2. A central repository for the CHA insurance staff to utilize in analyzing property values, insurance claims, and policy erosion due to claim experience.

The Project was successfully executed for every facet of the project. Prior to implementation, CHA’s previous system caused confusion and provided incorrect data for renewal processing.  RiskPartner is now utilized as the one single repository for all insurance information by CHA.  By employing the Data Collection Portal, CHA is able to disseminate necessary information to the property managers without the fear of data inaccuracies.

RiskPartner served as the single point of Project responsibility. RiskPartner, in collaboration with personnel from the Arthur J. Gallagher brought cross-disciplinary expertise from system design and management to the Project. RiskPartner helped refine goals and system objectives, developed effective assessment methodologies, prepared the database to hold the required data, collected the data, and worked with CHA personnel to facilitate the most efficient and effective use of the RiskPartner solution.

With RiskPartner’s expertise and collaborative approach, tremendous results have been gained using the new system.

Training CHA personnel was crucial because CHA had a short timeline for completion of the project. The system had to be operational for their next fiscal year insurance renewal.

RiskPartner exceeded CHA’s needs and requirements and continues to assist CHA in ongoing risk management projects.