Subscription Service

RiskPartner is offered as a Subscription Service that provides all the benefits of a truly robust yet scalable RMIS Solution at an affordable price. This technologically advanced product is offered as a service and provides you access to the system via any standard web browser. RiskPartner has a low startup cost and a reasonable subscription rate that allows organizations to essentially rent the software while continuing to own their data – all available online!

Access. You can access RiskPartner via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through any standard web browser – anytime, anywhere access.

Affordable. No capital budget expenditure. With a very low startup cost, organizations can essentially lease the software through periodic payments while maintaining ownership of their data. No hardware upgrades and no additional IT staff are required.

Updates. Instead of upgrading and updating in-house software, let RiskPartner take care of it. Upgrades and updates occur automatically at the hosting site – at no charge. Subscribers are always on the most current release.

Time. With RiskPartner’s quick implementation process (Risk Portal), organizations can be up and running in weeks, not months.

Security. With multiple backups, the latest firewall technology, and advanced physical security, clients will utilize this product with a peace of mind knowing that data is safe with our hosting service – just like money in the bank.

Staffing. No additional IT staffing needed. Advanced desktop solutions require resources such as a database administrator for set up, backup and maintenance of the database; a network administrator to set up and configure the application on the network; and a technician to configure the workstations. With RiskPartner, creating these positions are not required.